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Who are we? We are Brothers in Arms, a Veteran Owned Company.

Veterans need our help re-entering the workforce. Employers seem to be looking for certain skill sets. Sharp-shooter, Parachuter, Infantry doesn't seem to be the one they are looking for right now. Many of these employers are unaware of what lies beyond the skill set. Loyalty, punctuality, discipline, sense of duty, team player, and other characteristics. When a Veteran leaves the structured life, he or she integrates into a chaotic society. Brothers in Arms are here to help restore their dignity, by providing a haven for growth and offering a sense of purpose.




Veteran Transition Support

Our company takes pride in supporting every veteran by preparing them to re-enter civilian life and the workforce, while creating a structured lifestyle as they integrate into their new communities. Reinforcing American staffing with those who fought for it.

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Construction Cleaning

Our cleaning crews work on construction sites to ensure that the job site is safe, clean, and ready for the next phase of work. This work helps veterans develop a strong work ethic and a sense of pride in their work. Our cleaning crews are trained to follow industry best practices and safety regulations.

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Community Engagement

We believe that community engagement is key to helping veterans succeed. That's why we partner with local businesses, organizations, and community members to create a supportive environment for our clients. We organize events that help veterans connect with their community.


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